As a self-proclaimed communications junky, it hurts a little when managers and other business people do not understand what I mean when I tell them, “I can help develop your internal communications strategy.”

So let me tell you what ‘internal communications’ means to ARticulate.  It means having an overall communications strategy that both enhances employee/inter-departmental communications and promotes efficiency in the workplace.

This strategy includes knowing what your specific goals of internal communications are and how you will measure if these goals are being met.  Tools of internal communications can be as straightforward as a standard fax cover sheet, e-mail signature, letterhead and logo use, or how your employees answer the phone when it rings.  These are the types of communication pieces that bring credibility and professionalism to your business and brand.

Other not-so-obvious internal tools may include communication audits or reviews, employee surveys, or intranet portals.  It’s important to regularly evaluate your communication tools to make sure they are still bridging a gap or filling a necessary role.  Otherwise, you’re wasting valuable time putting together communication pieces that no one is reading.

Your employees are your most valuable resource.  Make sure the internal lines of communication are open.

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