What is the attraction to doing communications work for people?  The communicating, of course!

I get to meet incredible people through my work – people like the Hornans who operate Philip’s Magical Paradise in Giroux, Manitoba.
These people stole my heart from the moment I met them – such a humble, kindhearted couple who developed a magic museum to honour and preserve the memory of their brave son, who lost his battle to cancer at the tender age of fifteen.

I had the privilege of developing a website for Philip’s Magical Paradise and, during my time working on this project, re-discovered one of the greatest pleasures in my work… the honour of communicating and empowering others with a new knowledge and ability.  I LOVE teaching people and helping them discover something new that will make their business and, hopefully, life better.

Sadly, many people shy away from new tasks or challenges because they DON’T KNOW HOW or they’ve NEVER DONE IT BEFORE.  I don’t need to launch into a huge explanation of where we would be as a civilization if people like Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Mother Teresa or Nelson Mandela had shied away from trying something new and pushing the envelope.

This next week, how about trying something new and challenging yourself to attain another level in your business communications?  The rewards will surely be worth it.


2 thoughts on “Empowering Others

  1. I might be an odd duck but I love a new challenge hence become an entrepreneur! I’ve done many things in the past three months that I’ve never done before – applied for a business name and licence, joined networks, developed a business plan, hired a website designer…now to develop my communication skills to sell myself to my target customers!

    1. Love it, Diane! Your passion and talent for professional organizing will appeal to a wide variety of people… can’t wait to see what awaits you and Embracing Simplicity!

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